Sometimes things go wrong – hence your reason for instructing us to put things right. Having come to us for help, we completely appreciate that it would be upsetting for you if we made a mistake. Whilst we will do everything in our power to ensure that this isn’t the case and will work hard to ensure this eventuality doesn’t arise, we’re pragmatic and committed to resolving any issues that do arise.

In the unlikely event something does go wrong, we’ll work with you to establish what happened, how & why, with a view to resolving the issue and agreeing a way forward. Looking after our clients is what we have built our reputation upon and we won't stop looking after you if something goes wrong.

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Dealing with your Complaint

Senior staff handle all complaints and our managers understand the need to respond quickly and effectively when a complaint is made. We have an effective complaint procedure in place: it's not a process designed to wrap you up and waste your time in the hope that the issue will go away, but a process created specifically to get to the bottom of things, and move quickly and thoroughly to a resolution.

We have adopted the Law Society's Handling Complaints Practice Note of 13 August 2013. These guidelines ensure good practice in complaint handling and they provide an effective supplement to our own stringent complaint handling procedure.

EU Online Dispute Resolution

If you are one of our clients and we have made a contract with you by electronic means, you may be entitled to use an EU online dispute resolution service to assist with any complaint you have against us. This service can be found at and our general email address is

Getting in touch

We're open to feedback at all times, throughout dealing with your claim, when we've concluded our work and if you have a complaint. If you have a complaint, we'll listen and we'll look at things from where you're standing. If there's a problem we'll acknowledge it, explore why and how the problem came about and then we'll work to resolve it.

If we've been deficient in any way we will apologise and if necessary we will take remedial or corrective action. We will not pass any costs related to handling your complaint on to you. If financial compensation is appropriate it will be paid to you.

The initial letter you received when you first instructed us will contain specific contact details of the manager to address any concerns to. Alternatively you can contact us at:

Compliance Officer
Spencers Solicitors
Spire Walk, Derby Road
S40 2WG

Telephone: 08000 93 00 94
Fax: 0844 856 0685

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