History of Spencers Solicitors

Cutts Shiers Solicitors

Originally founded in 1975, Cutts Shiers Solicitors operated out of offices on West Bars in Chesterfield. The firm subsequently expanded into a large town centre location on Soresby Street, it was there that the practice began to specialise in personal injury compensation claims and experienced rapid growth.

In 1999 Cutts Shiers relocated again to a custom built Millennium Way premises on Dunston Technology Park. A year later, in 2000 Cutts Shiers became CS2 Lawyers to project a unique approach to the quality delivery of legal services to its now nationwide client base.

CS2 Lawyers to Spencers Solicitors

On 10th October 2011 CS2 Lawyers became Spencers Solicitors, taking the name of our Director John Spencer, one of the UK's leading personal injury solicitors and a prominent advocate for reform of the personal injury system and protection of claimant rights.

This change marked the start of an exciting new chapter for our firm, but also reflected an evolution that has been underway for some time. At the heart of Spencers Solicitors is a steadfast belief in placing 'duty before profit', reflecting a relentless commitment to put the well being of claimants and their access to justice as our foremost consideration.

Spencers Solicitors very visible advocacy efforts in recent months for significant reform in the industry - including the elimination of shoddy practices not in the best interest of claimants - is but one reflection of our commitment. We remain, as ever, a client-focused firm, exceedingly mindful of our responsibilities as your solicitors and advocates.

Why Choose Spencers Solicitors?

At Spencers Solicitors we are fearlessly committed to our clients and ensuring that their best interests are central to everything we do. To maintain this focus, we request client feedback at the conclusion of every case we handle. By sharing the responses we receive, you'll find out why clients choose Spencers Solicitors to deal with their legal issues.

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