Our Campaigning

At Spencers our core ethos is putting duty before profit. So while our day to day work involves representing injured people, we also want to raise awareness on the wider issues that are important to us. Below is a selection of these campaigns and issues we've worked on:

Personal Injury

Head Injuries in Sport, who's in charge?

The World Cup 2014 has brought the dangers of head injuries in sport to the forefront, as an international TV audience witnessed serious incidents of concussion where nobody took control of the situation as to do what is best for the sporting professional.

The Global Problem of Cycling Safety

Cycle safety is a problem in most cities worldwide, and the role Heavy Good Vehicles play in the many casualties has brought them to prominence lately, with the introduction of cyclist awareness training for drivers. However cyclists themselves have also come under fire.

Spinal Cord Injuries Day: Every 8 Hours

Every eight hours someone is told they may never walk again and face the daunting prospect of managing a spinal cord injury. In 2013 we supported Spinal Cord Injuries Day which was held on Friday 17 May. The day aims to raise awareness of the reality of those affected by spinal injuries.

Asbestos in Schools

In April 2013 we launched a campaign to highlight the problem of asbestos in schools and to encourage government to take positive steps to remove the toxic substance. The campaign included an infographic detailing the asbestos problem and outlining how life threatening asbestos can be to both children and teachers.

The Trouble with Spam Text Messages

Unsolicited or spam text messages are something that nobody wants to receive. Over the last few years the number of these messages which often involve themes including PPI claims, pay day loans and injury compensation have increased rapidly, with an estimated 20 million mobile users having received at least one of these type of texts.

Wills, Probate and Lasting Power of Attorney

Wills! Why Should I Make A Will?

No matter who you are or what assets you have (few or many) if you have a detailed Will in place your family will be aware of your wishes. You can include things like funeral arrangements and this means that your family do not have to make difficult decisions at a very distressing time.

Burial, Cremation or Other!? - Alternatives to the Traditional and Some Myths Busted

The traditional funeral can be considered as costly and confusing, especially when compared to a host of alternative burial methods. This article highlights a number of options available which can help keep costs to a minimum and busts a number of common myths which surround funeral ceremonies.

Why a Lasting Power of Attorney is for Everyone, Not Just the Elderly

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document which enables someone you trust to deal with your affairs. These can be used if you are worried about managing your finances or other decisions in later life.

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At Spencers Solicitors we are fearlessly committed to our clients and ensuring that their best interests are central to everything we do. To maintain this focus, we request client feedback at the conclusion of every case we handle. By sharing the responses we receive, you'll find out why clients choose Spencers Solicitors to deal with their legal issues.

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