Common treatment for back injuries

Back injuries are extremely common and can vary extensively in their severity. At their worst, back injuries can be debilitating and can have a huge impact on the day to day life of the sufferer.

Back injuries can be sustained in many different circumstances: whilst at work, during the course of a road traffic accident or as a result of a trip or fall. If you are undergoing treatment for a back injury through no fault of your own (and this is proven) you will be able to reclaim the cost of any reasonable treatment required as part of your claim for compensation, provided that the need for this is supported by an independent medical expert.

Back Problems following an Accident

In many cases, a treatment provider may agree to defer payment until the settlement of your claim so won't leave you out of pocket.

Your Solicitor is not, strictly speaking, in a position to arrange any treatment for you privately without express recommendation from a medical expert and therefore the best starting point for advice on your initial and ongoing treatment options should be your own GP or the reporting doctor. Your solicitor will arrange for you to be medically assessed and you will receive advice on the best course of treatment for your back injury which could include medication, self-help, physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment and/or surgery.

Options for Back Pain treatment

Whatever the nature or cause of your back pain it is important to seek the right course of treatment to aid your recovery and avoid complications. Whilst it may not always be possible to correct your back injury in its entirety you may be able to manage the pain more effectively with the right course of treatment and advice.

Medication and self-help

In less severe cases of back injury or back pain, you may be able to manage the pain with painkillers which may either be bought over the counter or, if a stronger painkiller is needed, may be prescribed by your GP. In more severe cases, painkillers may be needed alongside other forms of treatment, or following surgery. You may also be advised to stay relatively active as 'resting' the back and staying immobile can often make the back pain worse and lead to complications. Hot or cold compresses can also be applied to the affected area and these can either be specially bought packs or something you have put together at home.


It may be necessary for you to undergo a course of physiotherapy to treat and/or manage your pain. Your physiotherapist will assess your condition and manipulate the treatment given to you according to your particular area of pain and discomfort. Physiotherapy usually comprises gentle mobility exercises and stretches to help improve your movement and mobility.

Chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic treatment is another form of treatment for back injuries and back pain which focuses on muscles, bones and joints. Chiropractic treatment often involves the manual adjustment and manipulation of the joints as well as the stretching of muscles and the teaching and administration of relaxation techniques. Your chiropractor will also advise you how to improve your posture in order to help manage your pain.

Back surgery

Surgery for back pain is often considered a 'last resort' when all other treatment methods have been carried out without success. There are inherent risks with all types of surgery and surgery on the back or spine is certainly no exception. Your treating consultant will discuss with you the risk of undergoing surgery and will weigh up these up against the chances of the surgery correcting your injury.

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