How to make a Personal Injury Claim

The process of claiming simply starts by contacting us and talking through the circumstances of your accident or injury. Once we've taken some basic details we'll assign your enquiry to one of our lawyers that specialise in your injury or claim type.

We will then provide some advice on your prospects, the evidence we'll likely need to support your claim and the first steps we'll be taking on you case. Your lawyer will make the whole process as simple and straightforward as possible, keeping you fully updated at every stage.

First Steps in a Personal Injury Claim

What do I need to make a personal injury claim?

In terms of action required from you, this is normally limited to providing us with a statement as to the circumstances of the accident that caused the injury, supplying any supporting evidence and attending a medical appointment.

The vast majority of our cases settle without the need to go to court, however depending on the complexity and value of the claim attending a court hearing may be necessary.

What is the process of a personal injury claim?

Once instructed to pursue a compensation claim, your lawyer will arrange an appointment with an independent medical expert specialising in your type of injury.

The expert will examine the full extent of your injuries, how they are likely to develop and also provide advice regarding appropriate treatment. Their medical report will then allow us to put a valuation range on the compensation amount for pain, suffering and loss of amenity.

We will also collate full details of any other associated losses (for example loss of earnings, damaged property, insurance policy excess etc) and add these to the value of the claim. This will usually require you to provide further evidence of your other losses (travel receipts, prescriptions etc.)

We will then lodge the claim with the 'at fault' party and their insurance provider. This places them on notice of your claim and we will seek to ensure that they provide a response within the timescales allowed.

The 'at fault' party may then admit they were liable (responsible) for your injury, in which case your lawyer would seek to secure the appropriate level of compensation. If the 'at fault' party denies they were liable, then further evidence may need to be presented or there is a possibility the case may need to go to court for a judge to decide who is liable.

If I don't understand something, can I talk to my lawyer at any time?

Yes, absolutely. All our clients are provided with their lawyer's direct telephone number and e-mail address at the outset of the case. We don't have secretarial staff so you will always speak directly with the person handling your claim. Should they be unavailable, our lawyers work in teams so a colleague will be able to assist you with any questions you may have.

Help and Advice

If you have any questions about the process of making a compensation claim, please get in touch. One of our advisors will be happy to discuss the steps with you and answer any questions you have.

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