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  Carol Peach    
  July 15, 2022

Injured Falling Off A Horse? Here’s What To Do Next

Horse riding accidents are very common and unfortunately, due to the excitement people feel when horse riding and learning to ride a horse, safety precautions and what to do when a horse riding accident occurs are not always a horse rider’s priority when they set off on a ride.

Injured Falling Off A Horse? Here’s What To Do Next?

As recently as 2019, there were two horses killed on UK roads every week, and 43 riders have been killed in horse riding accidents in the last decade, so the risks and the potential for injury are very high.

What happens if a horse rider falls?

First and foremost, if a horse riding accident occurs, there is the potential for serious injury. Because there are two bodies involved (the rider and the horse) this can compound the nature of any injuries caused. A horse falling on you when you have an accident can lead to a serious injury and even a fatality. Accidents can occur because of a lack of safety preparation or the rider is not riding a horse that is appropriate to their level of experience or skill. But nevertheless, if you have been involved in a horse riding accident – as a rider, a motorist or a pedestrian – you can make a horse riding accident claim with Spencers Solicitors.

Some injuries sustained from a horse riding accident can be minor bruising or grazing, but it is very common for injuries to be much more serious than that. This can be brain and head injuries, spinal injuries and broken bones. These can lead to long-term injury and in some cases to permanent life-changing injuries. As a result, a claim for suitable compensation is a small way of getting your life back together, as a successful claim can cover your loss of earnings, the financial cost of treating your injuries and a cost to cover your ongoing and future hardship and discomfort. Of course, this all requires someone to be liable for your accident and is subject to you proving the accident wasn’t your fault.

How to recover after falling off a horse

It is important that you follow the correct procedure when falling off a horse:

  • Check your condition and see if you are bleeding or are in shock or confused. Be careful with your movement as you could have suffered a head, back or spinal injury which can be made worse by any kind of movement
  • Keep your riding helmet on
  • Check your horse and if you can, try to make them calm and relaxed and check their breathing
  • If you are riding with someone else, make sure they are aware of your fall, and ask them for some assistance
  • Contact the emergency services if you need to, and make sure they are aware that you have a horse with you. If you are waiting for them, do what you can to make yourself and your horse safe and away from traffic and the potential for further accidents
  • If you are able to continue with your ride, take five minutes to steady yourself and your horse before continuing.

If your injuries are severe and you are looking to make a compensation claim for this horse riding accident, you should contact Spencers Solicitors as soon as you can. You do actually have three years from the date of the accident to make your claim, but it makes sense to set this process off ASAP. The main reason for this is that we will need evidence of your injuries and any liability in order to be able to proceed with your claim on the basis that there is a good chance of you winning it, so if you can show us your injuries and clearly explain what happened, along with other witness statements if appropriate, then you will increase your chances of being successful.

Personal injury solicitors with horse riding accident claim experience

At Spencers Solicitors we have specialist personal injury lawyers with dedicated expertise in horse riding accident claims. This gives you a head start in getting the right medical and recuperation advice and also processing your claim to a successful conclusion. We are able to process claims to secure you a compensation pay-out because we understand horses and how they behave, and this makes it easier for us to prove where a third party has been negligent or dangerous, and is therefore liable for your injuries.

Contact our horse riding accident claim experts and we can listen to your story to establish the facts via a free initial consultation. We can then advise on the best way forward to treat your injuries and secure your compensation pay-out on a no-win-no-fee basis.

About the author

Carol is a Paralegal within our Serious Injury Team.

Carol, who joined the business in December 2000, has worked in various client facing roles during her tenure, all of which have provided Carol with valuable insight and experience for her role within the Serious Injury Team. Carol assists the team on a wide range of integral tasks involving complex injury including cases involving amputations, serious spinal injuries resulting in permanent disability, brain, head injuries and fatal accidents.

Carol can be contacted on 01246 266749.

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