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Winning new clients and customers for your business is hard enough without the added worry they are going to be poached by a competitor. At a time when a growing number of staff are looking to change employer or move into self-employment, businesses need to take steps to protect themselves against the damage a former employee could cause.

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What are restrictive covenants and why are they used?

Losing a valuable employee is a headache, but it can be a greater one if they are able to use your valued and commercially sensitive information for someone else's benefit. We are able to help protect your business against this happening.

Restrictive covenants can prevent an employee working for a competitor, poaching your staff and clients or from using sensitive information such as commercial contracts and client details. To be enforceable the restrictions must be reasonable, precise, and go no further than is necessary to protect your legitimate business interests. Any restriction that is considered too onerous or too vague will not give you the security you need. We will draft your contracts and confidentiality agreements to give you the best protection the law can offer.

Protecting your business when an employment relationship breaks down can be challenging. We recognise the need to act quickly and commercially in these situations and will advise you how to get the best solution for your business.

Thinking of getting your workforce ‘back to work?’

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How can I obtain further legal advice?

If you need to enforce the contract against a former employee or have a new employee who is threatened with proceedings by their previous employer, it is important you get specialist legal advice as early as possible.

Our experienced team will always give you straightforward and pragmatic advice tailored to your business. If a problem cannot be prevented, we will do our best to resolve it - keeping costs and disruption to your business to a minimum.

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