Employment Contracts, Policies and Procedures

For your business, the starting point for successful employee relationships lie in having expertly crafted, well-maintained and up-to-date contracts. Procedures should be written in easy straightforward language everyone can understand.

We draft, amend and update all the employment documents including contracts of employment, offer letters, company policies and staff handbooks that you, your staff and managers might need and which you can keep using use as working documents on a day-to-day basis.

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Employment Contracts

Your staff will already have some terms of an employment contract - even if you or they don't realise it: some terms of a contract are implied by law. Problems arise when the terms of the contract are not in writing or don't reflect what you want them to be. We often come across disputes at work which could have been easily solved or avoided if there had been a properly drafted, up-to-date contract in place.

All your permanent employees are entitled to be given written particulars of their employment within two months of starting work. It is crucial that every employer adheres to this. If you do not, there is no defence and a Tribunal will award the employee compensation of up to £1,916.

Whether you are employing a key senior worker or an apprentice, full or part-time, we will advise you on what should be included in your contracts to protect your business and tailor them to meet your needs. To ensure you comply with the latest developments in employment law and good practice we will regularly review contracts and help you implement changes to your employee's contract if needed.

If you have employees with access to commercially sensitive and confidential information, we will include measures to protect your business interests now and in the future.

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Policies and Procedures

Having the right policies and procedures in place will not only help protect your business but will also be an important management tool, giving you the opportunity to set out the rules and standards you expect your staff to meet. If an employee breaches your rules or doesn't meet the required standard, you can use the policy to support your decision - potentially disciplining the employee or warning them about their performance.

Following the wrong procedure will be a waste of your time. Not making the right decision could be an expensive mistake.

We can help you decide which policies are best for your business, reviewing existing polices or writing new ones tailored to your needs.

If you need help, we can guide and train your staff to know how to put the policies and procedures into practice.

Funding Options for Employment Contracts

When funding legal advice from our employment law and HR experts, we offer a fixed fee service that provides great benefits and unlimited access to our specialist teams.

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