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Few businesses can afford to be without a skilled and experienced member of staff for long - not to mention the expense of sick pay, overtime or recruiting replacements.

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How to deal with sickness and incapacity

As specialist employment law solicitors and HR professionals we help businesses cope with recurrent short-term, long-term and disability related absences fairly.

We can provide a variety of services to aid maintain cover and support during employee sickness or incapacity include:

  • Identifying options when you doubt an employee is genuinely unwell;
  • Establishing the cause of the ill-health, and, where the absence is work related, what steps should be taken;
  • Explaining your obligations if there is a relevant disability and what adjustments should be considered;
  • Advising statutory and discretionary sick pay and holiday pay;
  • Guidance to reintroduce employees to work after long-term absence; and
  • Advice on how to decide if it is appropriate to dismiss the employee on ill-health grounds and what procedures to follow.

What are the main types of workplace absence?

  • Short-term absence
    Increased non attendance on Monday and Friday is extremely disruptive for your business and unfair on those members of staff left to pick up the extra work.
  • Long-term absence
    In most cases are caused by a disability or underlying issue.

Funding Sickness and Absence Options

We offer a fixed fee employment service which provides unlimited access to our team of employment and HR professionals.

To discuss our fixed fee and retainer services, get in touch by calling 01246 266606 or complete our online enquiry form for advice without any obligation regarding our fixed fee services.

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A worker's absence can have a huge impact on a business - especially if you have limited resources. However, it is essential that employers recognise that managing sick or disabled employees raises legal issues and can expose you to claims of unfair dismissal, discrimination, negligence or breach of contract.

Our experienced team will always give you straightforward and practical advice and help to deal with sickness and absence issues.

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