ACAS Early Conciliation

Early Conciliation is the step before making a claim to the Employment Tribunal that all cases must go through. If you do not have the certificate from ACAS to confirm you have been through Early Conciliation then you cannot make a claim to the Tribunal.

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The Early Conciliation period can last up to a month and, if the parties agree, can be extended for a further 2 weeks. The aim is to see whether the parties can agree on a way to resolve and settle the issue without the need to start Employment Tribunal proceedings. If an agreement can be reached then that brings an end to the matter. If an agreement is not reached then the employee will have to make a claim to the Employment Tribunal.

There have been a number of cases where claims have been struck out by the Employment Tribunal due to claims being submitted late, or the wrong company name being used so it is important that you get things 100% correct.

How can Spencers help?

We can represent you during the ACAS Early Conciliation period. We would provide you with advice on the maximum and realistic value of your claim, handle the negotiations through ACAS on your behalf, and provide advice on the merits of any offers received. We would then ensure that the terms of the settlement were fair and reasonable.

What is the cost?

We can either work on a fixed fee for £350 + VAT (£420 in total) or we can work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis under a Damages Based Agreement. Under the ‘no win, no fee style funding, you would only pay us if we were able to secure you a pre-agreed reasonable offer. If we were able to do this then we would be entitled to a percentage (usually 35%) of the settlement figure.

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