Employment Contract Services

The starting point for successful employee relationships lies in having expertly crafted, well-maintained and up-to-date contracts and procedures - written in straightforward language that everyone can understand.

We draft, amend and update employment documentation, including contracts of employment, offer letters, company policies and staff handbooks that you, your staff and managers can use as working documents on a day-to-day basis.

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Why do you need printed Employment Contracts?

Your staff will already have a term of an employment contract - even if you or they don't realise it. Problems arise when the terms of the contract are not in writing or don't reflect what you want them to be. We often come across disputes at work which could have been easily solved or even avoided if there were properly drafted and up-to-date contract in place.

All your permanent employees are entitled to be given written particulars of their employment within two months' of starting work. It is crucial that every employer has these in place. If you do not, a Tribunal will award the employee compensation of up to £1,900.

Whether employing a key senior worker or an apprentice, and whether full or part-time, we advise on what should be included to protect your business. We will also tailor to your specific needs and regularly review to make sure you comply with the latest in employment law and good practice. We will help you implement changes to your employee's contract too if needed.

Thinking of getting your workforce ‘back to work?’

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Employment Law and HR Solutions

Better advice comes from better knowing you and your business. We invest the time to get to know what you do and how you work to be sure we deliver the best possible advice and results you need.

  • With no "clock ticking" on fees, you can take your time to get to know us and explain the issues you need help with
  • Your HR team and senior managers can also get to know us - without you worrying about any extra cost
  • We take the time to talk through advice clearly, and assist you in the practical implementation of this

We excel in employment law and HR, so we'll add our legal strength and excellence to your business. It is a bespoke, fixed cost employment law and HR support package, tailored to your needs and budget. We'll save you time and money.

Benefits available to you when using our support packages:

Complete HR Service Package

  • A comprehensive preliminary review and update of your standard staff employment contracts, handbook, and policies and procedures to ensure they conform to the law and best practice.
  • Proactive reviews and updates to make sure your practices are up-to-date.
  • Unlimited access by email and telephone to advice and assistance from a specialist employment law solicitor or qualified HR professional.
  • Advice, guidance and documents for all your day to day employment law issues including misconduct, poor performance, sickness and incapacity, standard redundancies, grievance and disciplinary issues.
  • Regular emails and bulletins on employment law and HR as well as finding out about developments as soon as they break and how your business is affected.
  • Free entry to our Spencers Employment Law and HR Briefings and training sessions, and free copies of all publications.
  • 20% discount on our usual employment law and HR fees for any additional services.

Our innovative, blended approach

As a 50 strong specialist litigation practice, with 40 years' history in Chesterfield, we know the challenges a growing local business will face and aim to provide practical and creative resolutions that protect your interests.

On appointment we carry out a free and comprehensive health check of your policies, procedures and standard contracts of employment; allowing you to feel the benefit straightaway.

Speak to HR Professionals

If you have employees with access to commercially sensitive and confidential information, we include measures to protect your business interests both now and in the future.

Call us today on 08000 93 00 94 for advice without any obligiation or complete an online enquiry form and our HR department will call you back.

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