Investigations, Hearings and Appeal Services

There are a number of situations when you will need to carry out an investigation. For example, if you suspect an employee of misconduct or on receiving a grievance from an employee.

The purpose of any investigation is to establish the facts - what is most likely to have occurred in as fair and objective a way as possible. Employment Tribunals are often critical of employers who have not investigated thoroughly, fairly or in a timely manner.

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Dealing with Misconduct Accusations

Conducting an investigation can be challenging and one of the first practical challenges you will face is appointing an appropriate investigating officer, particularly when, wherever possible, the investigating officer should not be someone who is later involved in the disciplinary or grievance process.

We naturally recognise that this causes problems for small or medium sized businesses that simply don't have the necessary resources, or time, available in-house. If you do not have the resources, expertise or are just too busy running your business to carry out investigations or hearings on your own, we can help.

Working with an external expert to manage the process has many benefits as well as making the investigation less stressful and time consuming for you. We also offer support for those occasions where you may need to communicate a difficult message to your staff or have a sensitive issue to address.

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Our innovative, blended approach

As a 50 strong specialist litigation practice, with 40 years' history in Chesterfield, we know the challenges a growing local business will face and aim to provide practical and creative resolutions that protect your interests.

On appointment we carry out a free and comprehensive health check of your policies, procedures and standard contracts of employment; allowing you to feel the benefit straightaway.

HR Professional Advice and Support

Better advice comes from better knowing you and your business. We invest the time to get to know what you do and how you work to be sure we deliver the best possible advice and results you need.

  • With no "clock ticking" on fees, you can take your time to get to know us and explain the issues you need help with
  • Your HR team and senior managers can also get to know us - without you worrying about any extra cost
  • We take the time to talk through advice clearly, and assist you in the practical implementation of this

We excel in employment law and HR, so we'll add our legal strength and excellence to your business. It is a bespoke, fixed cost employment law and HR support package, tailored to your needs and budget. We'll save you time and money.

Benefits available to you when using our support packages:

Complete HR Service Package

  • A comprehensive preliminary review and update of your standard staff employment contracts, handbook, and policies and procedures to ensure they conform to the law and best practice.
  • Proactive reviews and updates to make sure your practices are up-to-date.
  • Unlimited access by email and telephone to advice and assistance from a specialist employment law solicitor or qualified HR professional.
  • Advice, guidance and documents for all your day to day employment law issues including misconduct, poor performance, sickness and incapacity, standard redundancies, grievance and disciplinary issues.
  • Regular emails and bulletins on employment law and HR as well as finding out about developments as soon as they break and how your business is affected.
  • Free entry to our Spencers Employment Law and HR Briefings and training sessions, and free copies of all publications.
  • 20% discount on our usual employment law and HR fees for any additional services.

How can I obtain further advice?

If you have any questions regarding misconduct investigations, hearing or our appeal services, our HR department are available to discuss your concerns. Contact us today on 08000 93 00 94 or if you prefer, complete our short Online Enquiry Form so we can start to help you.

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