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We're experienced injury lawyers who look after our clients and secure comprehensive personal injury compensation for them. We deal with no win no fee personal injury claims and we strive to maximise the damages that we recover for you.

You won't encounter impersonal call-centre scripts when you deal with us. When you call for the first time you'll talk to a friendly, trained and supportive professional who has the time and desire to listen. There's no rush, we want you to take as long as you need to tell us what has happened.

Once you've done that we'll consider your needs and assign an individual personal injury lawyer to your case. They'll have particular knowledge and experience of your type of injury and your assigned advisor will take responsibility for handling your claim. You'll be kept up to date throughout and you can contact your advisor as often as you like.

Car Accident Compensation Claims

Car Accident Claims

We're specialists in road, car and passenger injury claims having successfully secured the maximum available car accident compensation for thousands of satisfied clients.

Motorcycle Accident Compensation Claims

Motorcycle Accident Claims

We know that our motorcycle claim clients aren't like car drivers. Your bike isn't just a mode of transport, it's just as likely to be your passion, even a central part of your way of life.

Bicycle Accident Compensation Claims

Bicycle Accident Claims

Cycling accidents can involve serious injuries so it's important that you work with independent and specialist personal injury solicitors. When dealing with your claim, we'll be dedicated in ensuring all your needs are addressed and that you receive compensation for any losses incurred.

Horse Riding Accident Compensation Claims

Horse Riding Accident Claims

Horse riding is a very popular activity throughout the UK and whilst risks are usually adequately managed by instructors, there are occasions when serious accidents happen which lead to personal injury.

Severe and Serious Injury Compensation Claims

Severe and Serious Injury Claims

Complex cases, including head and brain injury claims fall into the remit of our serious injury solicitors. We'll handle your case with delicacy, professionalism and a determination to make sure you're fully compensated.

Train, Coach & Bus Accident Compensation Claims

Train, Coach & Bus Accident Claims

If you're suffering from an injury that occurred on public transport, such as a bus, coach, train or tram then we can advise you on making a compensation claim.

Pedestrian Injury Compensation Claims

Pedestrian Injury Claims

Pedestrians are some of the most vulnerable of all road users, and if a vehicle has hit you the injuries can often be life threatening.

Whiplash Injury Compensation Claims

Whiplash Injury Compensation

While car accidents are responsible for many whiplash claims, we often see whiplash claims arising from a blow to the head related to contact sports, falls and falling or thrown objects.

Testimonial - Female Avatar

My claim was dealt with from start to finish in the most professional way. I was listened to and was provided with the information I needed to pursue my claim. When I came across issues with getting information, the staff were patient and extremely helpful. I would definitely use your service again.

Miss Doe - Malvern

Accident in a Public Place Compensation

Accidents in Public Places

If you're injured in public (not at home or the workplace), your claim requires a slightly different approach by a solicitor and we make sure you can take action against those at fault.

Accident at Work Compensation Claims

Accident at Work Compensation

We've helped clients through their work accident claims with tremendous success: we've secured compensation, helped get them back to work and helped ensure their claim doesn't lead to bad feeling - we'd like to do the same for you.

Slip, Trip and Fall Injury Compensation Claims

Slip, Trip and Fall Injury Claims

If you've tripped and been injured you have every right to make a trip compensation claim. As the first step towards your trip compensation claim we'll need to establish that you have a legitimate trip claim and we can quickly do that when you first contact us.

Cosmetic Treatment Compensation Claims

Cosmetic Treatment Claims

Beauty treatments and cosmetic procedures can offer life changing results for many people, but if things go wrong, patients can be left with undesired after effects. Poor care and negligence can occur no matter how small the procedures and the results that you are left with can be devastating.

Back Injury Compensation Claims

Back Injury Compensation

Compensation for back injury must ensure that all of your current and future medical and support needs are met. As specialists in back injury compensation claims we'll work closely with medical professionals to meticulously define the status of your back injury.

Fatal Accident Compensation Claims

Fatal Accidents

Fatal accident claims are emotionally difficult, but fatal accident compensation can be essential in providing financial stability for dependents.

Industrial Disease Compensation Claims

Industrial Disease Claims

Industrial related diseases can take months or even years to manifest, however employers have a duty to ensure working environments are safe to mitigate long term health risks to employees.

Military Injury Compensation Claims

Military Injury Compensation

While there are inherent risks in military service, particularly when in an active combat situation, this does not mean that there should be no safeguards or measures taken to protect personnel.

No Fault Compensation Claims

No Fault Claims

In the experience of our personal injury solicitors people tend to look at no fault claims in one of two ways: it was no fault of yours and somebody else is clearly to blame, or it appears that no one is at fault, it's not down to you and it's not down to them.

Criminal Injury Compensation Claims

Criminal Injury Compensation

If you've suffered an injury as a result of criminal activity, then you can still make a claim for compensation even if nobody has been charged or convicted.

Personal Injury Accident Guides

Please read through our bespoke "accident guides" which will help you understand and navigate through the injury claims process.

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Personal Injury Case Studies

Please take a look over our case studies which explain how our legal teams have helped secure our clients with the compensation they deserve.

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