Motorcycle Accident Claims

For many motorcyclists, there is simply no form of transport that they would consider using other than that of the two-wheeled machine variety. From the pure thrill of being at one with their machines, through to the savings that can be made at the fuel pump, bikers can reel off a long list of why, for them, motorbiking beats any other means of getting around.

However, it is a fact that motorcycling carries with it, a significantly higher risk of being involved in an accident than is the case for drivers of cars. Though bikers only make up 1% of traffic on British roads, they are involved in 19% of all accidents that result in death or serious injury. The road safety organisation, THINK! states that motorcyclists are 38% more likely to be killed in a road traffic accident than the occupant of a car.

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Motorcycle Accident Injury Compensation

If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident whilst riding, or being a pillion passenger on, a motorcycle and are not sure about how to make a claim, the first thing to do is seek legal advice from a specialist motorcycle accident personal injury solicitor such as those in the personal injury team here at Spencers Solicitors. We will be able to answer your initial questions so you can make an informed decision about how to proceed should you decide to make a claim. By their very nature motorcycling accidents carry greater risks of the rider being seriously injured or even killed, than is the case for the driver of a four wheeled vehicle. When this happens, a claim may at least provide an element of financial security for the rider and/or their loved ones.

These initial enquiries are free and you're not obliged to take the matter further, after this initial discussion, unless you decide that you want to. You'll get straight through to one of our team: a trained and supportive professional, experienced in personal injury claims and motorcycle accident compensation. By listening carefully to you they will be able to identify, and put you into the safe hands, of the motorcycle accident solicitor at Spencers who we believe would be best suited to dealing with your particular motorcycle accident claim.

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I have been extremely satisfied with the service from Spencers, especially your support at the point it all became overwhelmingly stressful and I felt like giving up. You have a very calm, professional manner which is not patronising in any way, and that was appreciated. Many thanks for helping me with effective medical support, and in laying this to rest.

Mrs Kroon

The earlier you contact us, the sooner we can start building the case to support your claim. We will put together all the necessary information and documentation, such as statements from witnesses to the accident, and a description of the circumstances of the crash together with photographs. If there was a CCTV camera covering the area, we should also be able to access this footage on your behalf. We will then work with medical experts who will carry out medical examinations to help them prepare reports on your injuries, which will enable them to provide a prognosis (opinion) on the extent of the injury sustained, together with an idea of how long it will take you to recover. This work will include obtaining advice on any type of treatment or rehabilitation required to get you to that state of recovery.

At Spencers Solicitors, we have access to an extensive bank of specialist experts who we regularly instruct, such as reconstruction experts, forensic accountants and specialist eminent consultants such as Spinal Surgeons, Neurologists and many others. We will ensure that you are referred to exactly the right kind of specialist (or specialists) for your particular needs.

Our expert motorbike solicitors handle a wide variety of motorcycle accident claims each year. Through our experience and by listening closely to our valued clients we have developed three priorities when dealing with your motorcycle accident injury claim:

The Practicalities

We know that recovering your bike, getting swift and good motorcycle repairs, or a replacement bike (of just the right make and model) are likely to be as high on your list as your own well-being. Many insurers try to exclude essential kit such as leathers and helmets from motorbike accident claims - we don't. When you make a motorbike accident claim we'll make sure all these matters are taken care of.

The Physical Considerations

We work with medical professionals to carefully define the status of your injury, how it can be expected to develop, how it might be resolved and, if it can't be resolved, what the long-term prognosis will be. From here we will establish your immediate and on-going medical needs. Whatever degree of physical injury has been suffered by you, or a loved one; our role is to ensure that when you make a claim after your motorbike accident, compensation is awarded at a level that will cover all of your physical, medical and other financial needs (such as both past and future loss of earnings, if applicable).

The Financial Considerations

Funding medical treatment can be very expensive. Your motorbike accident compensation may have to cover the cost of life-long treatment or support services. We see it as critical to ensure that, no matter what you face, you and your family maintain a suitable level of financial stability. Where it's appropriate we may even be able to recover an interim payment to cover your immediate expenses while your claim is being processed. (An interim payment is a form of ‘payment on account’ and is obtained at an early stage in the claims proceedings, to help alleviate any financial stress that the accident may have caused you.)

Avoiding Risk of Motorcycle Injury

You can minimise the risk of being seriously injured in a motorcycle injury by always using appropriate safety equipment, including a helmet which meets current safety helmet standards. Make yourself visible at night and in inclement weather by wearing reflective clothing, and maintain your motorcycle to a good mechanical standard, including having the correct tyre pressure. Our blog on motorcycle safety provides further ideas for safe riding.

However well prepared you as a motorcyclist are and however safely you handle your bike, unfortunately, accidents do sometimes occur, and if the accident is due to another road users’ fault (negligence) then you are entitled to make a claim for the damage and injury caused. Accidents that might otherwise be classed as minor accidents, if they were to involve only the drivers of four wheeled vehicles, can become very serious if one of the parties involved is a motorcyclist.

One such example is where a driver violates a motorcyclists right of way by pulling out at a junction without seeing the bike.

How long does it take to settle a motorcycle claim?

Whilst each personal injury case is unique, a general settlement time frame for a motorcycle claim is between 6-9 months, where liability (fault) is admitted by the other side and recovery from the injuries is expected within a matter of months as opposed to years.

However, motorcycle accidents can result in some very serious injuries for the rider. In such cases, a settlement timeframe of two years or more is not uncommon. This may be due to the need for continuing medical assessments, treatment and rehabilitation to take place before the correct level of compensation can be assessed.

Our Experience in Serious Motorcycle Accidents

At Spencers, we have been dealing with serious and catastrophic accident claims for more than 30 years and we have handled a huge number of cases during that time. We have successfully recovered millions of pounds in compensation and always strive to maximise the damages that we recover for your injuries and losses following a motorcycle accident that wasn't your fault.

For example, we recently helped a client injured in a motorcycle accident to secure £3.25 million in compensation. This client was a pillion passenger who suffered very serious injuries including a ruptured spleen, brain injury and a below elbow amputation. Settlement included provision for a prosthetic arm, adapted accommodation, future care and loss of earnings. Spencers Solicitors were also able to secure payment for an adapted trike to allow the client to continue with her love of riding motorcycles, despite her injuries.

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